“A” Level Physics - 5 Modules

Module 5 – Modern Physics

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Date & Time: Choose either 1, 2 or 3  
  1. 13 Aug Wed 6-9pm, 6 Aug Sat 9-12noon
  2. 31 Aug Wed 6-9pm, 3 Sept Sat 9-12noon
  3. 8 Sept Thur 9-12noon, 9 Sept Fri 2-5pm
(Min 3 students to start the module)
Modern Physics 19 Quantum Physics
20 Nuclear Physics

Product Description

Duration: 6 hrs session per module, Two 3-hours sessions
Delivery: Online Zoom
Objective: Ensure conceptual understanding and application
Consolidate learning points in each topic and approach to exam
Strategic review of exam questions and techniques
Focus: Students select modules and sessions depending on personal needs & objectives
Prior to Lessons: Students to go through school notes, tutorial and create own summary
Sample summary sheet & revision of test questions will be done later
Lesson Outlines: Rapid overview of topical concepts, build and refine summary based on syllabus
Administer modular revision worksheet – offline preparation for next session
Past Year Paper analysis, frequency of topics, concepts and relation between topic
Debrief answers and relate concepts. Strategize approach for exam
Exam time management and techniques
Answering technique/scoping in line with Cambridge Exam expectations
Template to help Students plan their Revision Schedule


Experienced ex-JC Lecturer – Physics and Moral Education Head
20 years of A-level Physics teaching & student coaching
Specialized in A-level Physics syllabus, learning strategies & exam preparation
PSC Scholar