How To Wean Your Child Off Video Games.

Learningkey | April 30, 2022

Studies have linked excessive gaming with conditions like depression, anxiety and social phobia. Too much time spent playing online games is detrimental to a child’s healthy growth and development.

What not to do

The goal of a frustrated parent should not be to remove the child’s access to these activities!

“Tiger-mom” measures such as removing the computer from the child’s room, installing access-limiting software, or simply pulling the plug on the computer don’t work. Many times, it is counterproductive.

Join them

Let your child teach you one of their favorite video games and give it a try. You may find the game instructive, challenging, or deplorable.

Keep a log of time spent

Once you have some actual data, any argument over the amount of time spent on gaming is eliminated, and you can see if there is a problem, and how to mitigate or reduce time spent.

Ask them for suggestions of alternative activities

Lead them towards activities that are desirable. Ownership is established when suggestions come from them.

To make it more appealing, look for ways to include your children’s friends. Check the newspapers, your local community center, or school guidance counselors for local programs and resources for youth sports and activity programs.

Motivate and reward

Set high but achievable goals. Giving small rewards periodically goes a long way and keep children interested and motivated.