Progress & Improvements Of Students Who Took Our Teachers

Jessi was from ACSI. She started tuition for Chemistry, Biology and Mathematics in 2016. Her marks for Chemistry, Biology and Mathematics were 53, 60 and 60 respectively. In 2020, she is one of the few Perfect Scorers in the world, scoring 45 marks.

Above WhatsApp is from Jessica’s mum who reviewed the Chemistry teacher I got for her. She also commented that the Biology teacher is very good in her explanations and teaches very well.

IB Results – Perfect score!

Singapore produced 55 of the world’s 99 perfect scorers in IB exams. (

Jemima started with D7 and C6 for both Additional and Elementary mathematics. After tuition with our teacher, she got A1 for both subjects in ‘O’ levels.

Over the years! Wan Er outstanding result from Primary to Tertiary.


She earns the top student position in her major and graduated with 1st class Honours from NUS.

PSLE Result
O Level Result
A Level Result
Special Book Prize (Top Student Philosophy)
Double Dean Scholar list (Top 1%)

Mr Khoo’s children never passed maths since sec 1. Under Ms Siew, both have scored A1 for ‘O’ levels.